The API is now publishing local authority events, as published by MapAlerter Councils. The data is available as XML, JSON and JSONP to allow you to embed our Events data into your application. The API query structure is very similar to the default Alerts API query results, with a sample XML result as follows:

This is an example of an XML response:
<Event_Title>Book launch at Carlow Museum</Event_Title>
<Event_Description>Joe Bloggs will be launching his new book, etc, etc. This section can include as much HTML as is required. There is no content length restriction here.</Event_Description>
<Venue_Name>Carlow Museum</Venue_Name>

If you have any feedback on our API then please let us know. We are happy to extend our API to suit the needs of the developer community in any way we can. There is an API limit request that is currently set at 25000 requests per day. You must register for a free API key in order to use our API. The API is currently in Beta and is subject to some changes and improvements over time. All registered API account holders will be notified if anything changes with the request structures/responses.